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This is a step by step course on HOW TO FIND A JOB YOU LOVE! (with a FREE CV Review included!)

My name is Paul and I’ll be your instructor. 🙂 I’m a Career Coach, Finance Director & ex PriceWaterhouseCoopers Consultant.

I guarantee that this course will help you find a job you love – or your money back, no questions asked! 🙂

Are you tired of:

  • dreading going into work every day?

  • watching the clock until it’s time to go home?

  • worrying about whether you are on the right career path?

  • looking at your colleagues and feeling that you are not like these people?

  • being scared at the thought of turning into your boss?

This comprehensive how to find a job you love course contains workbooks for each lesson. With these you can do the exercises yourself and learn how to find a job you love in simple practical steps.

The workbooks contain exercises that I’ve used to successfully find a job I love – project management.

This course will:

1) Assess where you are now in your career

2) Help you identify where you want to get to

3) Put a simple plan in place to get there

My credentials & qualifications:

  • Qualified career coach who has helped 100’s of people achieve their career goals

  • Wrote a no.1 bestselling Amazon careers book ‘1000 Years of Career Advice’

  • Mentored 100’s of young people to achieve success in their careers

  • Successfully changed my own career from finance to project management

  • Finance Director and Consultant who has worked with PwC, Reuters, Eurostar, GlaxoSmithKline to name a few

I have helped hundreds of coaching clients to find jobs they love. 

Every skill, trick and hack I’ve used to find a career I love, and that I’ve shown my coaching clients I’ve put into this course.

Remember you can avail of a no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee. 🙂

Free CV Review:

Not only do I show you how to change your careers, but I will also review your CV for free!

As a career coach, I’ve reviewed hundreds of CV’s so I know what an outstanding CV looks like. I show you how to make yours the best CV it can possibly be! 🙂

Paul :-